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Satellite projects have sprung up not only in the big cities but also in many small rural towns, each of which is run by volunteers who take responsibility for coordinating their areas. The project is represented in all provinces, with 70 satellites across South Africa and in Namibia.

  • Please see the About section to understand how your facility should fit into the Santa Shoebox Projects’ goals and objectives.
  • Carefully read our Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are willing and able to comply with them.
  • Each year, facilities apply online for the children in their care to become recipients of Santa Shoeboxes. Applications for 2017 were open from 04 – 26 April.
  • There is a Rotation Policy in place, ensuring that we reach as many vulnerable children as possible. Each year we receive thousands of applications, each of which is assessed individually.

The following criteria may be taken into consideration when assessing the facility:

  • Are there donors and sponsors to fulfill the application?
  • Is this a rural facility?
  • Has the facility received Santa Shoeboxes before?
  • Does the facility receive any other support?
  • Is the application in line with the Projects ambitions and objectives?
  • Is the facility able to meet the custodian agreement i.e. are they able to ensure that the specially made Santa Shoebox is safely received by the agreed recipient child on behalf of the donor and sponsors.

Please see our Beneficiaries for 2016 recipients as well as Our Sponsors, without whom the Santa Shoebox Project would not achieve its successes.

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