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The Santa Shoebox Project depends on Sponsors to provide the much-needed resources required to ensure that every single named child on our recipient list receives a complete Santa Shoebox.

Project sponsors PEP have for 9 years donated the funds which cover most annual operating costs. Without this generous Company, Santa Shoebox would be sorely pressed to reach its goals.

As a Level One Contributor to B-BBEE, Santa Shoebox Project earns 100 points on the generic scorecard

With our Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation, we are able to provide a tax-deductible receipt in recognition of your sponsorship and / or donation.

The Project is –

  • an initiative of the JOG Trust (IT2671/2009)
  • a Public Benefit Organization (PBO-930031301)
  • and a Non Profit Organisation (NPO 102-098)

Email info@santashoebox.org.za if you’d like to sponsor goods and / or services.




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An initiative of the JOG Trust IT2671/2009 | PBO-930031301 | NPO 102-098  

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