Make a Financial Donation

Here are 13 reasons why You and Your community can benefit:

  1. EXPERIENCE – South Africa’s best-loved children’s charity has over the 18 years since inception, refined its systems to best support all its stakeholders – volunteers, beneficiaries, donors and sponsors.
  2. RESPECT – The Project has earned solid trust and respect, resulting in the loyal support of prestigious national sponsors, as well as many wonderful regional sponsors, who are proud to be associated with SSP.
  3. TEAMWORK – Volunteers are recruited in the first quarter of each year; we meet over a cuppa and get to know one another. In addition we go over the project’s objectives and standards that are designed to ensure success.
  4. NETWORK – At the beginning of April an ‘Applications are now open” SMS is sent to every Caregiver who has applied over the last few years. Volunteers around the country spread the word through their networks. Previous recipients spread the joy of receiving through their communities so 1st-time applicants are prepared to apply.
  5. TRUST – We assess every application on an individual basis and then visit them – we like to put faces to the Caregiver’s names and meet the children who will be receiving the personalised Santa Shoeboxes. Sadly there may be facilities that are just too far out of our Volunteer reach – these we try to connect with the companies and individuals who approach the Project year-round, looking for an outlet for their generosity.
  6. LOVE – Every child at the facility will receive a personalised Shoebox, i.e. their name will appear on a pre-printed label. Each child will receive a minimum of 8 new items, all selected with self-worth, confidence and potential in mind:
    • Health essentials – a toothbrush (1) & toothpaste (2), soap (3) & a face cloth (4)
    • Educational supplies (5) – e.g. a stationery pack, calculator, dictionary, pens, pencils etc
    • Fun – sweets (6) and a toy (7)
    • Something to wear – a brand new outfit (8)
  7. RESPONSIBILITY – Our IT system ensures that each child has a unique code – this code is used to track the shoebox during:
    • pledging
    • scanning and checking
    • packing and delivery
    • Section 18A certificates for tax reimbursement purposes.
  8. FAIRNESS – A pre-defined percentage of ‘Extra’ Shoeboxes are included to ensure any new children attending the facility also receive.
  9. EQUALITY – We select a wide range of facility types to ensure that we reach children from 1-18 years of age, both boys and girls.
  10. GUARANTEE – We check every Shoebox to make sure that all 8 age-appropriate items are there – if there are more, or personal notes, that is wonderful, we do not remove them.
  11. KINDNESS – We attend the celebrations and hand out the specially made Shoeboxes to each of the children.
  12. CARE – The safety of the children come first – we adhere to the Child Protection Act and the Data Protection Act
  13. REWARD – As a registered NPO, PBO, with Section 18A and Level One B-BBEE Contributor status, and 100% SED compliance holding a current ICPR, SSP earns 100 points on the generic scorecard and is able to provide a tax-deductible receipt in recognition of donations

We invite you, your family and friends, your book club, your church, school, company or NPO to join us, under the Santa Shoebox umbrella.

Become part of an extended network of like-minded enthusiastic partners and let’s connect people through the joy of giving!

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