Volunteer my time

 Volunteers are the heart of the Santa Shoebox Project.

At the beginning of each year friends, families, colleagues and community members across South Africa and Namibia put their hands-up and offer a few hours per month to share in the SSB mantra of the ‘Joy of Giving’.

Step 1 - What do I need to be a Volunteer?

  • A friendly smile and a few free hours per month
  • To be organised and reliable
  • To join a team in your area
  • Regular access to a computer, the internet and WhatsApp
  • Access to reliable transport
  • Additional skills needed from time to time include
    • Media Liaison / PR support
    • Logistics Support
    • Drop Off Support
    • Celebration Representative
    • Photographer
    • Admin Assistant

Step 2 - What will I need to do?

  • Be a Santa Shoebox Ambassador
  • Build or join a team
  • Nominate, assess and approve beneficiary facilities
  • Support beneficiary processes e.g. the uploading of name lists
  • Manage and/or work at the *Drop Off
  • Organise transport of shoeboxes to beneficiaries
  • Celebrate – hand out the shoeboxes and celebrate with the children

The above can be shared between volunteers as the volume and effort is dependent on how many volunteers and donors are in your area.

*Drop Off is the public venue where donors deliver their specially made Santa Shoeboxes over a week late in October or early in November, depending on the area

Step 3 - When does this all happen?

  • February & March –  create, join and build volunteer teams
  • April – encourage beneficiaries to apply
  • May – assess applicants
  • June – support name list process
  • July – confirm Drop Off venue
  • August – sign up Team donors
  • September – PLEDGING opens – spread the word
  • October – host your Drop Off
  • November – hand out the Shoeboxes
  • December – relax

Step 4 - What will SSB offer me?

  • New friends and like-minded people
  • A dedicated mentor to guide you every step of the way
  • An up-to-date website with all you need to know
  • An online system to protect and manage information
  • A share in any sponsored bounty – in the past we have received:
    • Branding – banners, posters, flyers, aprons
    • Starter Kits – cartons, tape, elastic bands, labels, sweets, books, pens
  • Above all, an overflowing heart and soul

Step 5 - Where can I Volunteer?

Have a look at the map to see where we have teams in place for this campaign. If you’d like to join – register or update your profile details here – make sure you tick “I want to Volunteer my time” at the top of the form AND under “Nearest Drop Off” either join a team, or if your town is not listed start a new one by selecting ‘Other’. We will receive an alert and be in touch.



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