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For donors with busy schedules or those who live far from Drop Off points, the Santa Shoebox Project (SSB) will launch its very own Virtual Santa Shoebox on 1 September.

The Virtual Santa Shoebox supports SSB’s three-year goal to March to a Million, with an aim of reaching one million children by 2019. To reach this mark, the goal for each year has increased to 110 000 Shoeboxes this year, 115 000 in 2018 and 125 000 in 2019.

If you'd like to choose a child's name and select the contents of the Virtual Santa Shoebox yourself login here.

Alternatively you can purchase a 'generic' version and our volunteers will fill the box with all 8 items and make sure it gets delivered to one of our pre-approved beneficiaries.

A Virtual Santa Shoebox costs R400.00

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Product Description

As a Level One Contributor to B-BBEE, SSB earns 100 points on the generic scorecard, and with our Section 18A status, is also able to provide a tax-deductible receipt in recognition of your donation. The Project is an initiative of the JOG Trust (IT2671/2009). The Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO-930031301), and a Non Profit Organisation (NPO 102-098).

Tax deductible receipts – Section 18a donations tax exemption

  • If you are resident in South Africa and would like a tax deductible receipt issued for your donation, please send your request to with proof of donation attached to your e-mail.
  • Please also provide your full name, your physical or postal address and the e-mail address to which the receipt must be sent.
  • As we would really like to acknowledge your support, please consider registering as a donor so that we can keep you informed about our project.

Thank you for supporting the Santa Shoebox Project.

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