Beneficiary Terms & Conditions

  1. All facilities are required to complete the online Facility Application and Commitment form EVERY year
  2. Applications are open in April each year
  3. Due to the large number of applications received, our policy is to rotate the facilities that will receive Santa Shoeboxes each year.
  4. Each application is assessed individually at various levels within SSB, and therefore the decision made regarding the acceptance or decline of each application is final. SSB encourages facilities to re-apply the following year should their current application be unsuccessful.
  5. The Santa Shoebox Project depends on the generosity of its supporters. If donors do not pledge or drop off sufficient Shoeboxes, we may not be able to deliver Shoeboxes to every approved facility.

IF your application is successful, you are required to do the following:

  1. Ensure that your contact details on your Profile are up-to-date at all times
  2. Provide an accurate Name List of the children in your care
    • Login and complete online or contact your *SSB representative
    • Details include first name ONLY, age, gender and clothing size
    • Deadline July
    • Download an example of the template here
  3. Contact your *SSB Representative immediately if:
    • Your contact details change
    • Your delivery address changes
    • Children leave / or new children join
  4. Accept Delivery of Shoeboxes / Collect if applicable
    • Delivery dates will be agreed in advance
    • Delivery takes place in October / November
    • When you receive the Shoeboxes:
      • Open the cartons and check that there is a Shoebox for every child
      • Do not open the Shoeboxes as they belong to the children
      • Make a note of the spare Shoeboxes and the children who don’t have a Shoebox
      • Inform your *SSB Representative immediately, they will solve the problem
      • Keep the Santa Shoeboxes safe until Celebration day
  5. Celebrations (When a Santa Shoebox Representative hands out the Shoeboxes to the children)
    • Celebrations take place within +-3 days of receiving delivery of the Shoeboxes
    • A SSB Representative will agree the Date and Time of the Celebration with you
    • Celebrations take place during school / facility hours. No additional awards ceremonies or guests are to be included
    • On Celebration Day, you can unpack and display the Shoeboxes that match the names on your list, the SSB Representative will sort out any issues before handing out the Shoeboxes to the children
    • Children must be present to receive their shoeboxes
    • Any spare Santa Shoeboxes will be removed to be given to children who have yet to receive
  6. Appreciation
    • After the Celebration please send the following Thank You cards / letters:
      • No more than 10 from the children
      • One from the Caregiver

*Santa Shoebox (SSB) representative is the person who visited you to complete your application

Commitment and Agreement

As the person completing the application, and as the representative of the facility –

  • You must agree to look after the Shoeboxes and understand that they remain the property of the Santa Shoebox Project until they reach the hands of the beneficiary children
  • You must agree to be the person responsible for the storage and distribution of the Santa Shoeboxes
  • You must ensure that the children for whom the Shoeboxes are intended, receive them at the Celebration
  • You will be responsible for sending the report, as detailed above, to the Santa Shoebox Project, preferably via
    e-mail, by 31 January of the following year

>> Child Protection Act

<< How to become a Beneficiary

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