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How to pack a Santa Shoebox

Get ready … pledging opens on 01 September

1. Find an empty shoebox

We all have shoeboxes around the house or know someone who will kindly give us one.

Shoe stores usually have empty boxes to give away, start collecting early.

Boxes larger than MEDIUM (20x34x11cm) size might not be accepted.

Decorated medium sized plastic tubs are welcome too.

Paper boxes in which reams of printer paper are packed can be cut down to the ideal size.

For ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board!

2. Decorate the shoebox

Be creative!

Instead of using conventional wrapping paper, decorate the box with drawings, paint, cut outs and stickers.

If you choose to wrap the shoebox, please make sure that you wrap the lid separately so that it can be lifted off.

By doing this, you are creating a unique Keepsake Box which the recipient child will use to store their treasures throughout the year.

The beautiful decorations and printed name labels make the Shoeboxes easily identifiable and unique for future use.

Do NOT wrap the individual items in the box.

Label your box by printing and pasting the Santa Shoebox label which you have downloaded on the outside of the lid, in the top right hand corner.

Add sticky tape to ensure the label remains in place and secure the lid to the box with an elastic band.

For ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board!

3. Fill the box with gifts

Please remember that all items must be NEW and AGE-APPROPRIATE.

PEP Stores is our one-stop-shop for all Santa Shoebox contents.

All of the following items are required:

• Toothpaste
• Tooth brush
• Bar of soap
• Wash cloth
• An outfit of clothing
• Educational supplies
• Sweets
• A toy

Please consider also including a reusable shopping bag for the child to carry their Shoebox home in.

Some additional things to consider:
• Please put all liquids, like cosmetics or blow bubbles, into a ziplock bag, so that the contents cannot leak out and spoil the shoebox.
• Please include extra batteries with battery-operated toys or choose a non-battery-operated alternative.

The following is a list of things we ask you NOT to include in your Santa Shoebox:
• Perishable or tinned food or sweets containing nuts. Please put chocolates in a ziplock bag.
• Medicine or vitamins of any kind.
• Violence-related items like toy guns or knives.
• Anything of a political, religious or racial nature.

4. The fine print

Register now in preparation to cast your pledge on 1 September

  • registering ensures you receive the correct info at the correct time
  • when you select your Drop Off – you are selecting the area in which the beneficiary child lives (area covers urban and rural children)
  • to ensure we are able to deliver the Shoebox to ‘your’ child, the shoebox must be delivered a) on time and b) to the correct Drop Off point (details are updated as soon as we have a sponsor on board +- August each year)
  • on 1 September you can choose a child by name, age and gender

All gifts should be new and comply with the conditions listed above

  • all 8 items are required to make up a Santa Shoebox
  • please make sure your gifts are age-appropriate and that you do not send any items which might be swallowed or mistaken for sweets
  • should you inadvertently include any item that is not suitable, or might be regarded as dangerous for the intended child, we reserve the right to remove that item and use it for the benefit of the charity

Lastly, drop your Santa Shoebox off at the correct Drop Off on the correct date.

Toothpaste    Toothbrush    Washcloth    Soap    Stationery    Clothing        Toys

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