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At the beginning of each year Volunteers from around the country signup to run the Santa Shoebox Project in their town. One of the highlights of the annual campaign is the Drop Off.

The Drop Off is an event when local donors who have pledged online, deliver their specially-made shoeboxes to a local sponsored venue on a specific date.

Drop Offs take place towards the end of October and early in November each year. They are run by Volunteers who scan and check every Shoebox to make sure all the children at a facility have a Santa Shoebox with their name on it, containing all 8 required items.

After Drop Off, delivery/collection, the handing out of Santa Shoeboxes takes place. This generally happens in November, taking into account storage, exams and school closing dates – all children must be present to receive their Santa Shoebox.

The map below is where Santa Shoebox Project Drop Offs are in 2021

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