Generic Virtual Santa Shoebox


Ensure a profoundly underprivileged child living in rural South Africa experiences joy, hope and love this year! Due to the lack of donors in remote areas, these children would otherwise not receive a Santa Shoebox and in most cases no gift at all.

Every VSS contains all 8 required items:

*Toothbrush & toothpaste – sponsored by Procter & Gamble
*Facecloth & soap
*Sweets – sponsored by Manhattan Sweets
*Toys – Sponsors include RNA Distribution, Bargain Books & Care for Education
*Stationery – Sponsors include Trefoil & Dala
*Clothing voucher – supplied by PEP Stores

As well as extra items –
  *A lunchbox and water bottle – sponsored by Addis
  *Always sanitary towels and Old Spice deodorant – sponsored by Procter & Gamble
  *Books – sponsored MySchool in partnership with Book Dash


The cheerfully printed Stor-Age Shoebox will then be packaged, delivered and personally handed to the beneficiary child.

To pledge a PERSONALISED VIRTUAL SHOEBOX where you can pick the name and age of a child and write him/her a note, please register a donor profile here and click the “PLEDGES” tab.

Pledge a PERSONALISED Virtual Shoebox

To pledge a GENERIC VIRTUAL SHOEBOX, simply click the “Add to Cart” button below after choosing the number of boxes you would like to pledge.

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In its 13 years, South Africa’s best-loved children’s charity has touched the lives of 858 673 underprivileged children throughout South Africa and Namibia, 9 059 of which have been through the Virtual Santa Shoebox initiative.

As a Level One Contributor to B-BBEE, SSB earns 100 points on the generic scorecard, and with our Section 18A status, is also able to provide a tax-deductible receipt in recognition of your donation. The Project is an initiative of the JOG Trust (IT2671/2009). The Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO-930031301), and a Non Profit Organisation (NPO 102-098).

Tax deductible receipts – Section 18a donations tax exemption

  • If you are resident in South Africa and would like a tax deductible receipt issued for your donation, please send your request to with proof of donation attached to your e-mail.
  • Please also provide your full name, your physical or postal address and the e-mail address to which the receipt must be sent.
  • As we would really like to acknowledge your support, please consider registering as a donor so that we can keep you informed about milestones and deadlines.

Thank you for supporting the Santa Shoebox Project. The Virtual Santa Shoebox provides an avenue of sustainability to ensure the project is able to continue distributing your lovingly made shoeboxes throughout SA and Namibia.

An initiative of the JOG Trust IT2671/2009 | PBO-930031301 | NPO 102-098  

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