Soul City Creche

Soul City Creche educates 25 – 30 children annually in the Loskop region of rural KwaZulu-Natal. Under the leadership of Cecelia Mbatha, the humble structure has been providing early childhood education since 2012. The Santa Shoebox Project Coordinator for Winterton, Terry Ralph, identified this facility as being in desperate need of an upgrade. The original building was constructed using hay and mud, and as a result, needed regular repairs due to the humid and rainy conditions in the area. It comprised of one room, with no kitchen or toilet facilities, instead using a make-shift kitchen and pit toilets.

Despite these conditions, Cecelia had created a caring and nurturing environment for the children in her care. She provided breakfast and lunch, and ensured the children’s Early Childhood Development needs were met by attending regular educational workshops and collaborating with NPO’s providing onsite nutrition programmes.

Thanks to funds received by private financial donors to the Santa Shoebox Project, as well as collaborative efforts with the Organisations listed below, Soul City Creche was transformed to the value of R300 000.00. It now has a brick building with the resources listed here –

* Two classrooms accommodating 20 children each
* A separate fully equipped kitchen
* An office doubling up as a sickbay
* A covered veranda, perimeter fence and lockable gates
* A Jojo tank connected by gutters to the roof
* An educational playground and outdoor classroom
* Safe toilets
* A food garden and equipment to tend it

Specific attention was given to improvement of education by providing additional training for the teachers and appropriate resources such as a reading hub and anti-bullying workshops for teachers and children.

As part of the SSB Legacy Covid-19 Response, Soul City received a Hippo Roller water barrel, all the children received Little Sun solar lanterns and face masks. Teenage girls from the community received Subz re-usable sanitary pads and an educational workshop on how to use them (plus basic sex education).

Impande – Provided all the infrastructure, toilets, fencing, Jojo tanks and playground.
Al-Imdaad Foundation – Sponsored the vegetable gardens plus a Jojo tank to ensure water for the gardens, and also donated the plastic tables & chairs for the classrooms. They will continue to monitor the garden & provide mentoring on growing, harvesting & interplanting techniques, as well as providing a market to sell any surplus vegetables.
Forge Agri – Sponsored all the equipment for the food gardens, plus ongoing maintenance of the buildings and property.
Gift of the Givers – Sponsored 2 safe seep-away toilets for teachers and children.


SSB Legacy building a new creche in KZN

Part 1 and Part 2



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