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Our theme for 2016 – “MORE THAN JUST A SHOEBOX”

When the Santa Shoebox Project founders began collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts for underprivileged children in 2006, they never imagined that the project would soon become one of South Africa’s most popular annual festive season charity projects.

This year the Santa Shoebox Project celebrates its 10th birthday. In the 10 years since the project began in a suburban home, it has distributed 551 979 personalised shoeboxes to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds across South Africa and Namibia. More than 50% of those shoeboxes reached children in far flung rural areas.

The “More Than Just a Shoebox” campaign will focus on how the donation of a Santa Shoebox not only gifts the recipient child with a personalised shoebox filled with daily necessities, but also instils a sense of self-worth and presents the child with the promise of a better education, improved hygiene and dental health and those simple things that every child should enjoy, sweets and a toy.

Each year pledging opens on 1 September.

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